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The Trap Door is Open

The Window Half Closed

4 July
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i'm a fangirl. the thing, and level, i'm fangirling for changes nearly daily.

i game... kinda. i crochet. i want to learn how to knit. i cook dinner most nights, the nights i don't, we generally eat frozen fish or pizza. i'm learning how to do bread... it goes okay some days and piss poor others. my goal is to be a well-rounded human bean, accomplished in the sort of things that are important, or rather, were important 150 years ago. The hosting a dinner party thing is difficult, just not as difficult as being musical. I have no intention of being a kept woman, or even really a housewife, i just feel like i should be able to keep a well maintained home and be able to offer more than a history degree.
Along those lines, if anyone would like to pay for my Grand Tour of Europe (the proper one!), I'd love you forever.